19. What Goes Around, Comes Around


Last post I showed you that

  • no matter high up you go, the horizon is always flat;
  • mathematical calculations for the curvature of a globe do not match what we see in reality;
  • the reason why ships and buildings appear to “be hidden by the curvature” is due to perspective; and
  • perspective shows us that the sun is close, and not actually changing height.

In this post, we’re going to shift our gaze off the horizon, and go take a closer look at the sun…

Image result for sunglasses gif

A quick question before we start sun gazing:

As this person found out, laughing about this subject can be rather short-lived…

Image result for the eyes are useless when the mind is blind

A couple of friendly reminders before we take a look at the sun:

  1. Suncream

Image result for suncream gif

… and

2. Sunglasses.

Image result for lets begin gif

All set?

Image result for thumbs up meme

Let’s get down to business then!

First, get out your measuring tape…

Image result for measuring tape

Distance to the Sun

To start, can anyone tell me how far away…

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