Flash Plus 2 Update to V01005 is here!

In case you missed it, Flash has announced a September 30 FOTA update to its Flash Plus 2 earlier this week and to everyone’s surprise, the update was finally rolled out today.

Here’s some notable changes from this V01005 update:

(1) We’ve Changed the camera’s countdown seconds from 2s/10s and 3s/8s

(2) We fixed the ZSD parameter setting bug, improving the photo’s image noise and detail when enabling anti-shake.

(3) We’ve fixed the Anti-shake ISO parameter setting bug.

(4) We’ve added a “vibrate only” mode in the “don’t disturb” short cut in the drop-down menu. With this feature enabled, your device will vibrate only when receiving calls.

(5) We’ve optimized 3rd party camera apps.

(6) We’ve optimized 24-bit music playing.

(7) We’ve fixed the video recording’s focus issue for Cardboard camera and Google street view.

(8) We’ve upgraded GMS APK and integrated the Google Security Patch

(9) We’ve fixed the MiraVision dynamic contrast bug.

Known issues:

When using the default APK Music to play 24 bit music with FLAC format, Music may stop after playing for a few seconds.

Workaround: Disable the DJ mode by clicking on Music -> setting menu on the upper left corner -> settings -> disable DJ mode.

Please note that you will need to make sure that your battery is more than 50%. In some cases, you will need to make sure that you are not on Adoptable Storage. Booting may take some time after the update, please be patient.

Impressions: Virtually there is nothing noticeable. Except for that added “Func” feature under Settings. This is a welcomed addition but it could be better, not to mention that the name “Func” is so lame.

I can’t barely see any difference between the camera performance before and this one. The Front facing camera is still dark and mostly disappointing. This is true for 3rd party camera as well with the exception of Camera FV-5.

Google Now On Tap is not functioning, and most importantly, the Fingerprint scanner doesn’t work with 3rd party launchers utilising the double tap to lock screen option. You must either disable this function from inside the launcher you are using (like Nova) or stick with the default Flash Plus 2 Launcher. I am not sure what’s the reason behind this move but this is definitely not helping to make the end users happy.

Android is all about being customisable and keeping users away from this kind of freedom to make the device their own will only bring dissatisfaction and may eventually make the Flash fever to die out.

Introducing “Func”

An added feature that lets you designate 5 quick shortcuts from your lockscreen. A welcomed addition but could be better.

Have you updated your Flash Plus 2? Let me know what you think.

Until my next post, cheers!

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