All You Need To Know About The Flash2 Lens Kit

Following my post about this Lens Kit hitting Lazada Philippines, I decided to get one myself to give it a spin.

Exclusively made for Flash2

Unlike the usual “universal camera lens kit”, this is exclusively made for Flash2 and it really fits well. The leather back cover that comes with the kit is screw-threaded, making the lenses secure. You don’t get this from clip-on lenses we see in the market.


Screw-Threaded Back Cover

The Back Cover is made of a soft premium leather and the threaded component to screw the lenses is a millimeter off the surface.

Oleophobic Thick Glass Optics

The lenses are housed in metal (I read somewhere that it’s aluminum) and are protected with rubber caps. You get 2 Primary Lenses – Fisheye and High Definition Macro Lenses. A bonus standard macro lens is hidden which you can screw off the main Fisheye lens.

Although the Fisheye lens appeals to me, the HD Macro lens is the ultimate selling point of this kit.


High Definition Macro Lens with 2.80x Magnification

This takes good amount of details, virtually extending the camera capabilities of the Flash2.

I highly recommend this product especially if you are fascinated with the Macro world. Bring it with you anytime, anywhere; thanks to the fancy carrying case that comes with it.

Unboxing the Flash2 Premium Lens Kit

Sample Images




Conclusion – Get It While It’s Hot!

The Flash2 Lens Kit is available at Lazada Philippines for Php1,490. Hurry while supplies lasts. Get it here.

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