Alcatel is rolling out OTA updates to Flash 2 (7049D)

Alcatel’s famous One Touch Flash 2 (7049D) is getting firmware fixes via OTA.

If you have not modified your Flash 2 yet (left it unrooted with it’s stock recovery intact), you should get a prompt that a new firmware update is available. Yes, you can’t update Over-the-air if you have modified your system (but it’s not the end of the world for you, if you know what I mean).


Here’s the change log:

Version Number: 7049D_APAC_AL_G50EN_v3.2_15119
Version Size: 112.99 MB (May slightly vary)
Release Date: November 20, 2015

System Update:
Fixed power on failure in some cases when upgraded to v3.1

Improved the touch experience of selecting photos after using quick shot
Changed the way to open camera when screen is unlocked from long press to double click
Fixed the issue that photo is blur when using “focus then auto capture” function in some situations
Fixed the issue that photo is blur when taking photos from higher angle
Fixed the issue that it is in gallery mode when open camera
Added Indonesian language support

Smart Awake:
Fixed the issue that sometimes the double tap to wake doesn’t work
Added Indonesian language support

Added 113 & 118 as emergency call numbers for Indonesia

Please note that your device will reboot and enter into Recovery Mode. The process will take a few minutes so make sure you have enough battery power.

I have updated mine last night and still playing with it to see if there are significant changes.

Are you running on this version already? Let me know your thoughts.

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